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Homeschool Hall of Fame

Because Outstanding People need to be Remembered


2015 Hall of Fame

When Texas Home Educator’s re-branded and re-launched in 2015, we knew we could not go into the future without honoring the pioneers of the past.  Many folks helped homeschooling get to it’s prominence as a premiere education format.  These folks made THE difference in Texas.  From Communications and homeschool stores to honor societies and curriculum designed for homeschoolers by homeschoolers, here are our 2015 Hall of Fame inductees.

Susan Frederick

Susan Frederick was instrumental in the beginning of homeschooling and the internet.  She used the internet to bring together homeschoolers long before there were any communication networks. With the first statewide homeschool mailing list, TAFFIE became the premiere communications forum for families across Texas.

Joanne Juren

Joanne Juren, a former Houston ISD principal, formed the first Homeschool Honor Society.  Eta Sigma Alpha has over 200 chapters around the world and continues to help homeschoolers in their college endeavors.  In 2017, Ms. Juren also launched Mu Eta Sigma, the first Math and Science Honor Society for homeschoolers.

Jessica Hulcy

Jessica Hulcy was a teacher when she decided to homeschool.  But she refused to use the workbook/textbook approach. She chose to do homeschool, not school at home. Instead of textbooks, She used real books and classics from the library. Instead of sitting at a desk filling in blanks, her family used the garage, flower beds, and kitchen as their classroom. Instead of sending every child to his room to study independently, they taught all of their children together as much as possible. Instead of telling every answer to their children, she allowed their children to discover the answers on their own.  From this experience came KONOS, the first curriculum written by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

Wade Hulcy

Wade was a coach and teacher in public school when his wife, Jessica, began homeschooling their 4 boys.  He helped to start a the first PE program in the DFW area.  As KONOS grew and Jessica was called around the nation to speak at homeschool conferences, Wade came home to manage the business.  Now their 4 boys are grown and helping to continue the tradition..

Randy Swerski

Randy opened the very first Homeschool Store in Texas.  Many stores have come and gone, but Randy’s “The Homeschool Store” is still going strong in the Willowbrook area of Houston. Randy’s staff of homeschool Moms have helped hundreds of new homeschoolers and veterans as they puruse the largest homeschool dedicated store in the country.

Donna Harp

Donna Harp was instrumental in the early days of homeschooling in Texas by managing HOPE of Texas, the statewide group.  She made sure the newsletters went out, the handbooks were made, the TV interviews were covered.  Her outstanding work helped start many groups across Texas and especially in the Central Texas and Austin Areas.

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