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Giving Tuesday Campaign

THE is about to create Homeschool Libraries across Texas.  We have two locations at this point, and over 100 boxes of books ready to go.  We need the software that will allow us to input books and check out books.  We need $5,000 for that software and the scanners ($400 each).  We appreciate your donation to the library, just put library in the notes.

Texas Home Educators

Texas Home Educators is a non-profit statewide homeschool service organization.  We work with the 500 groups across Texas to bring more activities, competitions, homeschool days, and other learning experiences to the over 400,000 homeschool children in Texas.

Homeschool Days

From the Cowboys to Moody Gardens, museums across Texas, and even Space Center Houston open up their facilities with special Homeschool Days.  Our Communication Network connects homeschoolers across Texas so each Homeschool Day can be a success for the families and for the hosts.

Promoting Homeschool

We promote all the homeschool groups that have activities open to non members.  We regularly post game information for the various sports groups around the state.  We also are available for media interviews about homeschooling.

We Are Here for You!

Besides our website, we can be contacted by email, or social media.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Instagram.

THE Homeschool Libraries

We are excited about building Homeschool Libraries across Texas.  Our first library will open in Fredricksburg.

If you would like a THE Homeschool Library in your town, please contact us.

What Our Homeschoolers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our homeschoolers do the talking!

On Cookies for Congress: “It was good for my children to “see” where this official letter came from. The office staff was very polite and accommodating.  I hope they enjoyed the homemade cookies.”

Diana Chapman


“T.H.E. is engaged in the local homeschool communities across Texas. Their vision is to partner with homeschoolers so that each community has opportunities to participate in events such as: spelling bees, teaching conferences, field trips and a host of other events designed to help meet homeschoolers needs. They recognize that sometimes it does take a community to give your student the best resources for their education.’

Holly Wallis

Former Leader, SETHSA

“Leeper Day was great- filled two big pavilions, State Representative joined us for most of the day. Kids had a blast, lots of great food thanks to generous sponsors, and my kids are now more appreciative of our freedom to homeschool as well as our court system because of today’s celebration.”

Shauna Thayer

Homeschool Mom

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