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Our Mission

In the past, most statewide home education organizations were organized and supported by individual home-school families based upon the concept of shared protection against sometimes organized opposition. Protection was important because, in the early days of the modern home-schooling movement, many home-schooling families were arrested for their educational choice. As recently as 1985, prior to the Leeper decision, home schooling in Texas was not officially recognized as a legal alternative to public or private school education.

But that was 30 years ago, home education is now legal in all 50 states.  As a 21st century support organization, T.H.E. exists to enhance, strengthen, and cultivate the grass roots of home education by:

  • Promotion of, and advocating for home-schooling among parents and grandparents, in the media and across social media
  • Partnering with local organizations which need support in staging events, leadership training, or whatever their needs may be, and
  • Providing an umbrella organization assisting individual families and local home-schooling groups to come together for events.

With these goals firmly in mind, Texas Home Educators is here to:

  1. Promote: If a local home-schooling group is planning a local event that will be open to non-members, Texas Home Educators stand ready to cross-promote the event to the whole home education community, and through the internet and the media, to the public at large. For instance, when a local organization plans a Homeschool Day, we will promote that event to the home education community in the geographical area within 100 miles of that event – and, through the Internet and the media, to the public in those areas. We will also be promoting the educational choice of home education to a new generation of parents and grandparents, using the Internet, the news media and face to face gatherings of parents across Texas.
  2. Partner: If a local home-schooling group needs experienced help to create and stage an event, especially in the smaller cities across Texas, we at Texas Home Educators are here to Partner Up – to assist these local groups in the creating, administrating and promoting of the event. All the local home-schooling group has to do is submit a request and we will start the dialog with planning to lead to a successful event.
  3. Provide: With the fluid nature of the Internet-linked sharing community among Texas’ home education groups, there is frequently a need for an incorporated umbrella group to vouch for, verify and handle responsibility for their ability to have an event. For example, events such as a Geography Bee, a Spelling Bee, or a History Bee require some corporation to provide registration, we are ready to serve as that incorporated umbrella group. This will insure that the event is duly recognized and officially sanctioned. We are also here to help independent home educators who are not part of any on-the-ground group to be able to participate in group events.

The Future

Texas Home Educators will continue to help Texas parents – both those who are new to home education and those who are experienced, veteran home-schooling families. We will also continue to maintain a network of information and communication between and among the leadership of regional home school organizations, local support groups, and individual home educating families.

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