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San Antonio home education resources is a listing of homeschool support groups, homeschool classes, homeschool sports, homeschool clubs and tutors to great ideas for local field trip in the San Antonio area of Texas.

Giving your child a well rounded education is a common goal for most families. With these resources your child can enjoy sports, arts, fun and other social interactions.

Whether you are new to home education or a veteran, we hope this is a blessing to your research for homeschool resources in San Antonio, Texas.

Support Groups and Co-ops

Our children’s education comes first! May this site help you and your family in educating your children.  A central location website where homeschoolers come together as one. There are many resources on this page where you can find information on homeschooling in San Antonio.

Homeschoolers 4 Christ

I want to create a group where moms can come together to share ideas and not be worried that they are going to get put down for their ideas and not be judged. That is God’s job. Through this group we hope to edify, encourage, pray, intercede, stand in the gap, be teachers and teachable, and hold each other accountable as we walk with our Father. God Bless You.

NW Homeschoolers – San Antonio, Texas

Join the fun at Raymond Russell Park on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas! We’re a group of home schooling families that meet for a fun park day, make friends and learn! We welcome everyone… home schoolers, unschoolers, and unfulfilled, unsatisfied public/private schoolers of all faiths. We’re unstressed and comfortable; you might even call us relaxed. 🙂

Relaxed Homeschoolers

We are pretty relaxed about pretty much everything. We are not a religious-oriented group so we have no “statement of faith” or Biblical mandates to follow. Many of our members are religious but “What church do you go to?” isn’t a common question. No one cares if you are Catholic or Hindu, Atheist or Pagan. We find little reason to discuss curriculum or “how to make Johnny finish his English paper” but can get intense about respecting children and gentle parenting.

San Antonio Christian Homeschoolers

The purpose of SACH is first, to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, for it is by His grace that He has called and empowered us to teach our children. Additionally, we also hope to: encourage parents in their God-given responsibility of educating their children, to promote fellowship and friendship with one another through academic and social activities, to promote and share information regarding Christian homeschooling as a positive educational alternative, and to remain aware of local, state and national issues affecting the rights of parents to direct the education and up bringing of their children.

SAHEN San Antonio Home Educators Network

your homeschooling guide for the San Antonio area

SAHERO: Home Education Resources & Opportunities

Welcome to Home Education Resources and Opportunities’ (HERO) forum to keep the homeschool community informed of educational activities within the greater San Antonio, Texas area. HERO is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide access to opportunities and resources for home schoolers of all races, religions, philosophies, and education styles.

SAHFL SA Homeschool Fun and Learning

Welcome! S. A. H. F. L. is a secular homeschooling group in North East San Antonio and the surrounding area striving to provide a tolerant place for ALL homeschoolers. There is no statement of faith to sign and everyone is welcome regardless of religion. We get together several times a month for park days, field trips, and basically whatever anyone feels they need. We are dedicated to having fun and spending time with other families that are open minded and dedicated to raising healthy, friendly, loving children. If you homeschool and are friendly with different religions…. ie.. Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, Agnostic… like to talk, laugh, have your kids in a safe environment and generally be in great company you have come to the right place.


Supporting Homeschoolers In the NorthEast Our mission is to provide opportunities for encouraging homeschool families in the endeavor of faithful Christian training and education of their children in the Northeast San Antonio area through the union of like-minded families.

Sociable Homeschoolers of San Antonio

Sociable Homeschoolers of San Antonio is a supportive co-op group for all homeschoolers! Everyone is welcome! All types, sizes, and faiths; nothing is judged or forced upon. Enthusiasm required! lol

We have many families here to provide ample sociable and educational opportunities for our children to explore, using the world as our classroom. Searching in and around our city for activities to do as a group.


TORCH of San Antonio

(Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes) TORCH San Antonio is a support group to enrich the homeschooling experience of Catholic families in the San Antonio area.Believing that Catholic homeschooling is a central part of our vocation as parents, we rely upon the teachings of the Church and grace thru the sacraments to educate our children in a foundation of Truth.We seek to enhance our homeschooling experience through an exchange of ideas and support and fellowship with other Catholic homeschool families in a variety of fun, educational, spiritual and cultural activitie

Homeschool Sports
Homeschool Clubs, Scouts, Speech and Debate, etc.
Field Trip Ideas

San Antonio Fire Museum Society
801 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX 78205-2024
(210) 390-7236

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