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Please share with your public school friends as well as homeschoolers affected by the storm

Free Class for Public, Private, and Homeschool Parents in Hurricane Areas
Is your school closed due to a natural disaster? Consider homeschooling independently!
Homeschooling high school provides the best possible academic preparation that meets the exact needs of your child, both academically and developmentally. It provides the best, safe and secure learning environment. Homeschooling also provides the best career and college preparation, with time to specialize in subjects your child truly loves. There is only one thing you need – instruction on how to homeschool. That’s where Lee Binz can help. Her mission is to help parents homeschool high school. She wants to provide free help for parents considering homeschooling high school because of the hurricane.
Right now, many parents are stranded without viable public or private school options for their teens. If you have been affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Lee would love to help you learn how to homeschool middle school and high school. This class would normally cost you $60 per family to attend at a conference, but she is running this special class free as a service to our community, on October 5th.
Register for this one-time only free class, intended primarily for parents of public and private school students affected by Harvey and Irma and new to homeschooling. You’ll learn everything you need to get started homeschooling high school quickly, easily, and legally.
Preparing to Homeschool High School
– Free Hurricane Edition –

What the class will cover:

“Preparing to Homeschool High School – Free Hurricane Edition” begins with strong encouragement explaining clearly why you do not need to be afraid to homeschool your teen, and provides the main keys to success that will guide you along the way. You will learn how to homeschool legally within your state. Lee will explain how to plan high school courses to cover core classes plus electives and explain how to plan lessons and create a balance between academics and real life. “Preparing to Homeschool High School” explains how to keep high school records, assign grades, and determine credit values for each class. It clearly describes the high school tests: PSAT, SAT, ACT, and subject tests such as the AP and CLEP. This class explains what to do during each year, from middle school through senior year and beyond. You will learn to encourage specialization for the best chances of a happy homeschool and a thriving, independent young adult ready for college or career.
This workshop is perfect for parents who have never homeschooled before, and are starting during middle school or high school. It’s great encouragement for parents of a struggling learner, who are praying for a way to survive high school and still be prepared for college, as well as parents of gifted children who doubt their ability to keep them challenged through the high school years.
There are a lot of homeschooling resources out there, but not many that touch on high school topics. This will help you identify all the critical high school topics that you need to fully understand, sort through the conflicting opinions, and decide which ideas are right for your family. Not everyone needs to be a homeschool pioneer. You can walk the trail others have blazed before you and take advantage of the hard work and research others have done that will allow you to focus on the true joy of homeschooling high school – preparing to launch your kids into the world!
Please note, if you are a homeschool parent, and would like to attend as well, Lee only asks that you bring a friend who has been utilizing public or private school, particularly in Texas or Florida. Again, this will be a four-hour class, which is a huge time commitment. Many parents will need more help than this four hour class will allow, so Lee will be suggesting the High School Solution for parents of 7th to 10th graders, and the Gold Care Club for parents with an 11th or 12th grader. She will be donating 20% of the proceeds to hurricane relief through Samaritan’s Purse Ministries.Hurricanes Irma & Harvey Outreach

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