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We have been through a horrific night of terror and carnage.  Keeping all TV and radio off is difficult.  So what do we say to our children?

We let them know that it’s the color of one’s heart, and not the color of one’s skin that matters.  We let them know that yes, there are bad people in the world, and good people with bad thoughts.  We let them know that they are safe in our care.  If they are younger, talk to them similarly to what Mr. Rogers does here, with an update to this century of course:

If they are older, discuss that they have a choice as to who they will be and what they will do with their lives.  An old Native America story is an older warrior explaining to a young lad that there are two wolves inside of him, a good wolf and an evil wolf.  The young lad asked him which one was stronger.  The old warrior said: “It’s the one you feed”.  So encourage your older children to feed the good wolf.  To focus on the good in people, and the good in the country.

Before the attacks, the police were taking pictures of with the peaceful protestors.  They were protecting the protestors. There is a reason they say “Blue lives”, it’s because within the police departments, they are all considered “blue” just as in the military, everyone is considered “green”.  There are places where people of all backgrounds get along.  They may not always agree on everything, but they get along.  It’s a place called Texas.  As part of Texas, please help your children to know they are safe, and that there are “blue” people who are there to keep them safe.

The mayor of Dallas has asked people to pray at noon today.  There are families without parents, and there are parents without children today.  Please take a few minutes of your families’ time to pray together for our state and our country.  We are bigger than this and peace needs to rule our decisions.


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