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Texas Home Educators has been richly blessed since our launch 3 years ago, when we went from a regional group to a statewide homeschool service organization.  And we have shared our blessings with homeschoolers across Texas.

We participated in over 50 events our first year, 30 our second year, and our tally is still close to 30 this year.  Our events include Geography Bees, Expos, Winter Conference, Back to School Bash, Leeper Day, Cookies for Congress, Homeschool 101s, scholarships and author tours.  There were other situations when we just assisted groups with their events.  All of THE events were without any costs to participants!  We wanted our events to be open to ALL of the homeschoolers in Texas, no matter which group they were associated.

We are nimble enough to be in any town or group that needs us. And we have helped folks all over Texas, from Longview to El Paso, and from Lubbock to Corpus Christi and across the coast to Beaumont.

We have great bonuses for our members.  We understand that homeschoolers are on tight budgets.  That’s why we have been offering legal membership at our Gold level ($50)and  our Platinum level ($70), with the added bonus of free School House Teachers lesson plans for Platinum.  Our Silver level ($20) folks get access to all member bonuses.  We were also able to develop a free membership for the families affected by Hurricane Harvey called the ARK membership, thanks to the donations to our Rainy Day Fund.  And of course, our newsletter is always free for folks to sign up.

Although we don’t have the overhead of a staff or an office in one city, we are experiencing rising costs of basic services like insurance, website services and other costs of doing business.  We are an all volunteer organization with goals to create more opportunities and offer more services to all the home educators in Texas.

Therefore,  we are having to raise our prices for membership beginning January 1, 2018.  Our Silver membership will be $30, our Gold membership will be $55 and our Platinum membership will be $80 on January 1, 2018.

If you have been considering becoming a member, please consider doing it this month.  If you have friends that have been talking about membership, but never deciding, please let them know that this month is the best time to do it. 

In conjunction with this announcement, we are offering, 

now through December 31, 2017a FREE 30 Day Trial with Babbel for all our THE Silver members.

Join our Silver level for $20, and have access to our many bonuses.  Join Here.

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