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Have you ever wanted to ask the creator of the curriculum you are using about their thoughts on the best way to teach that curriculum?  Have you ever wondered about the story behind Five in a Row? Apologia Science?  Excellence in Writing? Math U See?

Wouldn’t your friend new to homeschooling benefit from a How to Start workshop by Cathy Duffy?

Or experience a panel on Classical Education with Cochran, Kern, Perrin, Pudewa and Reynolds?

There is also a special needs track which covers the spectrum.

This will be one of the biggest conventions Texas has seen.  With 5 pages of exhibitors, using up all of the  Fort Worth Convention Center!   If you have ever wondered what the rest of the country experiences for their conventions, then you want to see this one!

For your teen’s citizenship, what could be better than listening to Dr. Ben Carson, or Janine Turner on the constitution?  Also, for Moms of Teens, Jean Burke will discuss getting into college.

Overall, this convention is well worth the price.  Yes, it’s a 5 Star Conference.  Yes, it’s in February, a weird month for a conference.  But it’s a great time to re-energize your batteries, listen to new speakers, and get a vision for the teaching problem that has you stumped.



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