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Yes, as we watch homeschool champions at the Olympics, it’s great NOT to be getting ready for school. Not having to go to the Mall to get pre-determined supplies, clothes and stuff in order to fit in or be *kewl*.

We are looking forward to the Homeschool Days at various places around Texas, the Educators Open Houses at Museums and other attractions around Texas, and the weather getting cool enough to actually attend a park day!

In Texas we are blessed that we do not have paper work to turn in, or portfolios to put together (I would be a complete mess if I had to do that). We can concentrate on finding the right books, the right co-ops, the park days, the fun stuff, the extra stuff to match each of our children’s desires and interests. We are free to learn more about homeschooling and about our children.

BTW, if you want to get inspired for the new year, be sure to stop by The Woodlands Marriott on August 14-16, 2008 for the THSC State Convention and Family Conference.

So hug your kids, enjoy the quiet parks, zoos and museums as the other kids go into their warehouses for another year. Praise God for the Freedom to Homeschool Your Children!

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