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Christmas in Germany! 🙂 ~Deb

Christmas around the World gives nice snippets of information about how Christmas is celebrated around the World. Here is a Scavanger Hunt for the internet.
All of the kindergarten classes in my school do this unit in December.  We study one holiday each day by reading a story and doing an art project. At our holiday party we eat one special food from each of the holidays.  This unit was developed a few years ago by some wonderful colleagues at my school

Borax Crystal Snowflake
Grow a snowflake in a jar! These are so much fun make…..

Print and Play Games just scorll down til you see print and play games.  Lots of other great stuf on this Billy Bear site.

In Holland, Santa Claus is called Sinterklass (Saint Nicholas). A wonderful European school site shares the history of Sinterklass, in a most charming way!

Christmas Chemistry

Symbols and their meaning course work.  Check to see if this fits your worldview.

A Blessed Christmas (Religious Print-A-Unit)

The Jesse Tree explained with a listing for a different type of advent.

Songs about Christmas and winter with finger play for little ones.

Christmas food, from brunch to dinner and everything in-between..

This is a listing of free craft stuff you can get for Christmas. ~Jube

Legend of the Christmas Card ~Michael

Folklore and tradition: Cards ~Michael

JOLLY GINGERBREAD MAN COOKIES, 72 recipes to choose from.

Advent Study, great graphics and information, just be aware of the music.  Either enjoy the music or turn your speakers on mute. Great Advent Calendar for daily information about advent.

Advent Calendar, great art lesson for each child to make their own advent calendar.

Catholic Mom Advent information for kids

Annies Page of wonderful Christmas Advent things to do and make,  just the website gets you in the mood for Christmas activity with the kids.

And opposite of Annies Page is this black and white lesson plan from teachers, but it has all the crafts and fun things on there.

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