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Well the title of “How to get the Most out of a Homeschool Conference” was already taken, so I had to think of a new way to discuss homeschool conventions.  But like a Commando, who goes in, gets what they need and then gets out, you too can survive a convention.

Should I write about how to have fun at a homeschool conference? No one ever thinks of that since those 2 days (or usually one day) at the conference is the hardest day you will ever work as a home educator. You have the workshops, the demos, the aisles of vendors with toys and books and whirly gigs. Hopefully you are at the conference with your dear hubby, and the two of you are using this as a time to talk, really talk, about your goals, your dreams, and your thoughts on each of your children.

Once you receive your goodie bag at registration, STOP. Yes, just stop and go over the information in the bag. Check the booth specials, the workshops you don’t want to miss, the vendors you MUST see, and check for gatherings of similar homeschoolers (either groups or fellowships depending on the conference).

Now, once you have your plan of attack, be like Nike and JUST DO IT!
Some of the gear to take:

  • Pain relievers, unless you run marathons and can walk 5-10 miles without an ache or pain.
  • Walking shoes (see above)
  • Over the shoulder bag with almost nothing in it (belive me things will jump into the bag as you go through the aisles)
  • cell phone to call dear hubby if he is not with you, some decisions need to be made together
  • water bottle,
  • protein bars,
  • and cash for lunch and parking.



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