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winter wonders
Monday, January 7, 2019
Winter is upon us! Arctic adaptations, polar dinosaurs, and below freezing experiments will be set up throughout the museum. Cold, Colder, Coldest Trivia will be taking place at scheduled times to test your knowledge of everything frozen.
Special activities will take place from 10am-1pm. Admission to Home School Family Science Days gives you access to the entire Museum for the whole day. Family members of all ages are welcome!
*Timed Events* *Cold, Colder, Coldest Trivia: 10:30am, 12:30pm on Level 2 in the Activity Station* Do you know about everything cold? Come test your knowledge! Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to participate.
*Cold as Ice: 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:15pm (15-20 minutes long); Lobby* Is cold even a thing? Have you ever heard of cold energy before? If you want the answer, stop by this 20-minute show full of below-zero experiments!
*Stations from 10am-1pm* *The Vacuum of Space on Level 4* Normally we must add heat energy to gas molecules to make them expand. Watch as we use air pressure to do it in a vacuum chamber.
*Arctic Dinosaurs on Level 4* Dinosaurs lived in Alaska too! See if you can identify the polar dinosaur from its footprints!
*Polar Adaptations on Level 4* How do animals handle the cold weather? Animals in the arctic don’t wear winter coats or heavy jackets like we can. We will learn about different physical and behavioral adaptations to cold weather.
*Winter under a Microscope on Level 3 * Do you know what a snowflake looks like? Stop by this table to see it under a microscope!
*Snow Polymer on Level 3* Let it snow! Have you ever wondered what is used as “fake snow” in films? This is a fun, quick activity that teaches kids about polymers.
*Dry Ice Bubbles on Level 2* What is Dry Ice? How cold is it? Stop by to hold a bubble and learn about this frigid material and why matter matters!
*Convection Currents on Level 2* Cold water is more dense than warm water. What do you think will happen if we mix them together? Watch as we demonstrate convection currents.
*Members:* $6 per person *Non-members:* $11 per person
Homeschool registration hub is located @
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