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When: Tuesday, August 8 at 8:30 AM – 11 AM
Where:  Fellowship Baptist Church 2619 NW Loop 7, Athens, Texas 75751
What: Athens Homeschool Second Homeschool Used Curriculum Book Sale!!

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 8, Fellowship Baptist Church on the loop in Athens. Sellers will arrive at 8:30, sale 9-11.

If you can’t attend and want to sell, you can bring your things to Gayle..

We will run this like last time which went very smoothly.


All items must have a 3×5 card or similar paper attached (paper clip, rubber band, tape) to each item containing the following information:

Your name!!!!!
Name of book or item
General grade level (pre-K, 1st, 2nd, etc., high school, all ages)
Subject area (history, art, phonics, literature, etc.)
Price (must be a multiple of $0.25)

You must have your items there 30 minutes before sale begins, and you must pick up unsold items promptly when sale ends.

We will add up your cards and pay you your total sold.

Get to marking your books!! Let’s be a blessing to our fellow homeschoolers!


Bring cash in multiples of dollars and quarters. These will be the only kind of change we will have.

We will add up the cards and charge you a total.

Come find some great back-to-homeschool deals!!

Ask questions in comments.

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