Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale
Event for Athens (Texas) Area Homeschoolers
Friday, May 12 at 2 PM – 4 PM
Central Baptist Church
200 S Prairieville St, Athens, Texas 75751

Cash only

Sellers: Bring your curriculum at 1:30p and add it to the appropriate table. Tables will be set up according to subject. There will also be an area specifically for Non-Fiction Supplements, Reading Enrichment Literature, a Misc. table and a Free table. When you arrive, we can help you find the appropriate table to place it on. If you have more than one item in a set, please bind them together with a large rubber band and indicate what is included on one 3×5 card. 3×5 cards must be attached either by placing on the inside of the cover or attached with a paperclip or tape.

All items (except free items) must be labeled with a 3×5 card with the following:
Seller First and last name
Book or Item name (Include all items if sold in a set)
Grade or Age range
Cost (Please round to the nearest dollar with the exception of literature books. If you have reading books that you want to sell for a quarter or $.50 that is acceptable. The only change provided will be in quarters or dollars.)

There will be 1 or 2 checkout places. When you check out, the 3×5 card is collected along with the money. At the end of the sale, sellers will be paid based on the cards collected.

Any unsold material must be retrieved by 4:30 pm or it will be donated.

Children are welcome but please do not allow them to handle the curriculum or books that are for sale.

Buyers: Bring lots of cash money. No other method of payment will be accepted.

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