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CONGRATULATIONS to the AAH Middle School and High School Science Teams! Both teams placed 2nd in the UT Austin Regional Science Olympiad last Saturday (2/24) at UT Austin and will go on to the State competition in April.

Many thanks to Liz Bates, Kendal Barnard, and Frances Ellington for coaching the teams, and thanks to all the students and parents who helped make this possible!  

We’re excited that two other homeschooled  teams, the North Austin Science Alliance and the Hill Country Science Team also participated in the Regional Olympiad. We are grateful to be a part of a community that values science education and can support multiple science teams!  

Do you know a middle or high school student who is interested in science and who would enjoy studying and socializing with like-minded peers?  Check out the AAH Science Team at The team will have a few openings for new students in the fall. If you think your student may be interested, add your name to the mailing list on our website, and we’ll send you an invitation to our open house later this spring.

AAH Middle School Science Team: Aatmodhee G., Alex M., Arushi S., Caleb S., Camilla H., Campbell C., Carson C., Daniel B., Ella B., Eva T., Ian H., James B., Jean L.., Jenna N., Joseph S., Julia M., Julie B., Kiersten S., Lauren B., Lauren S., Lucas B., Marten W., Max E., Megan B., Nathan-Gautham G., Niamh C., Nicholas M., Noah C., Noah G., Noah M., Owen B., Samuel B., Seth C., Seth S., Violet H., Zack S.

AAH High School Science Team: Akhil S., Andy K., Benjamin O., Caden U., Ellie Y., Euna S., Evan W., Jonas E., Lucy B., Macintyre S., Neal T., Owen M., and Susan G.

The students earned LOTS of medals!



1st in Crime Busters: Campbell and Nick

1st in Indoor Bottle Rocket: Ian and Max

1st in Microbe Mission: Megan and Zack

1st in Optics: Campbell and Arushi

1st in Naked Egg Drop: Marten and Seth S.

1st in Picture This: Campbell and Marten

1st in Roller Coaster: James and Marten

1st in We’ve Got Your Number: James and Megan

2nd in Herpetology: Lauren B. and Zack

2nd in Meteorology: Ian and Joseph

2nd in Naked Egg Drop: Niamh and Seth C.

2nd in Road Scholar: Lauren S. and Megan

3rd in Experimental Design: Camilla, Lauren S., Nathan

3rd in Fast Facts: Jean and Nathan

3rd in Solar System: James and Jean

3rd in Wright Stuff: Lauren B. and Sam

4th in Anatomy: Campbell and Megan

4th in Crime Busters: Jenna and Kiersten

4th in Dynamic Planet: Camilla and Seth S.

4th in Picture This: Ella and Eva

4th in Roller Coaster: Caleb and Ella

4th in Thermodynamics: Arushi and Nick

4th in Towers: Eva and Niamh

4th in We’ve Got Your Number: Eva and Julia

4th in Wright Stuff: Ella and Noah C.


1st in Code Busters: Lucy, Jonas, and Susan

1st in Mechathlon: Caden and Neal

1st in Optics: Akhil and Neal

1st in Thermodynamics: Akhil and Susan

1st in We’ve Got Your Number: Lucy and Evan

2nd in Dynamic Planet: Macky and Susan

2nd in Helicopters: Neal and Owen

2nd in Hovercraft: Akhil and Neal

2nd in Remote Sensing: Akhil and Macky

2nd in Science Word: Macky and Evan

3rd in Mission Possible: Owen and Andy

3rd in Mousetrap Vehicle: Jonas and Owen

4th in Anatomy and Physiology: Evan and Ben

4th in Astronomy: Evan and Susan

4th in Disease Detectives: Jonas and Ben

4th in Microbe Mission: Euna and Ellie

4th in Towers: Lucy and Jonas

4th in Wifi Lab: Andy and Caden

4th in Write It Do It: Ellie and Lucy

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