How to Use The Resource Directory

Our Resource Directory is a treasure trove of the support groups, sports teams, tutors, classes, co-ops and other resources to help you choose the best way to homeschool your children.
The directory is an alphabetical listing by city and county listings in the more sparse spaces of Texas. If you are in a sparsely populated county, check under the name of the biggest town of that county and next check under that county name. If you live in a suburb of a large metropolitan area, check under the major regional areas first, then check under the name of your specific town that is attached to the larger city.
Some of these support groups accept only Christians and may require a statement of faith; some accept people of all faiths but are lead by Christians; and some are secular groups. When looking for a support group, before you make a year long commitment and join, ask for their intro pack, visit them, go to park day to see if you like the people.
Support groups have different activities and requirements. They are as diverse as the homeschool population, with different styles of education as their preference. So look around until you can find one that *fits* your family. You can also go online to ask questions about different support groups, check out the online discussion link. Some groups are only listed by their online discussion groups. Feel free to join the list and ask your questions before going to a meeting or park day.
Co-ops, Sports Groups and other resources are also listed. If your support group is not listed, just drop us a note. We do ask that you provide a reciprocal link on one of your pages. Definitions of the groups are listed on the side of this page. If you wish to be added to the statewide or regional groups pages, please contact us.


Local Support Groups
A gathering of parents to further the education of their children.
Regional Support Groups

A Regional Group helps local support groups along with doing at least 3 of the following:

  • Listing other groups on their website,
  • co-op in addition to support group activities,
  • spelling/geography/bible bees,
  • graduation,
  • speech/debate/drama club,
  • scouts (BS,GS, AHG or Trail Life),
  • expo,
  • college night,
  • beginner workshops,
  • conference
  • Sponsor Eta Sigma National Home School Honor Society Chapter
  • Affiliate with a Sports Group
  • Robotics clubs


Parents coming together to share the teaching of their children at regular intervals.
Teachers banding together to offer classes to homeschool children, or individual teachers offering classes at a location on a regular basis.
Teachers offering to assist children in their studies on an individual basis.
Homeschool Store
A homeschool store offers books and curriculum to the homeschool community, with or without classes.
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