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the South East TX Home School Association 
cordially invites all interested homeschoolers in grades 1st-8th
to participate in the annual
National Geographic Geography Bees
they are hosting on
Friday, January 16, 2015
Fairfield Baptist Church
Hwy. 290
between Mueschke & Mason in Cypress, TXThe National Geographic Geo Bee for those homeschoolers in grades 4th-8th grades
(or equivalent age) WILL BEGIN FIRST.
Participants should arrive by 12:15; we will begin promptly by 12:30.SETHSA’s Just for Fun Bee for homeschoolers in grades 1st-3rd grades
(equivalent age; approximately ages 7-9 yrs. & those 6 1/2 in the 1st grade)
will begin following the Geo Bee for the older students.
Younger students will have a different arrival time usually 2:30 though this will be confirmed with registration.***IMPORTANT: ALL students, including 1st-3rd grade participants, MUST be able to read and write independently.
Please familiarize yourself with the most updated version of Answers to Your Questions about the Geo Bee.
Acknowledgement of Achievement at ALL Levels:
-All participants receive a certificate.
-Up to 3rd place winners receive a trophy in each of the 2 bees.
-All participants are eligible for door prizes and additional commendations for how far they continue in the competition.  They will go away from the competition feeling blessed regardless of how many questions they answer correctly.
The Bigger Picture:
-Bees offer the opportunity to compete in academic areas in a positive environment & thus provide motivation for learning.
-The Geo Bees, in particular, are NOT single elimination style tournaments, so your child is NOT out if he misses one question.
-Bees also give the chance for students to not just learn, but also practice good sportsmanship that extends beyond the playing field & relates to later success.
-Questions asked during the Geo Bee can often be figured out based on what a child does know.  This is the higher level thinking skills all educators aspire for their students to achieve.   

***Participants CANNOT have participated OR attended in the audience another Geo Bee during the 2014-15 school year.  National Geographic allows a participant to be in ONLY ONE Geo Bee from November 2014 – February 2015.  Participating in more than one Geo Bee OR attending a Geo Bee in the audience is considered cheating.  Any cheating will result in the participant & any family members being banned from participation in a SETHSA / G-HAH bee for the full length of eligibility (up to 5 years per participant) & any awards being taken away.  The state office will be contacted, & if the student qualifies for state, they will not be allowed to participate in the higher level of competition.   This is a National Geographic rule.
***ALL participants must be full time residents of the South East TX region or Greater Houston & its suburbs & surroundings.  This bee is to have this region represented. 
***ALL participants in these SETHSA sponsored Geo Bees must be homeschooled for 100% of their schooling as this is the regional Geo Bee for homeschoolers.  Students attending public, private, or parochial schools may not participate in this bee. 
***Participants should, according to National Geographic, be taking a similar course of study to others his/her age & grade. 
 ***ALL students who participate —including JFF 1st-3rd grade participants—  MUST be able to read AND write independently.  Some preliminary rounds WILL be in a WRITTEN format while other rounds will be in traditional bee style orally on stage.   If we get to our maximum number of participants, ALL preliminary rounds will be in written format.  Some questions in other rounds may also be in written format.

***If participating in the 4th – 8th grade bee, students cannot have turned 15 on or before Sept. 1, 2014.

***Winner of the 4th-8th grade bee must be prepared to take the qualifying test by the end of January deadline by making arrangements with the administrator, Mrs. Castro.

There is no fee for the Geo Bees, BUT  ALL students MUST be registered in order for us to be prepared.   NO walk-ins.

To register:
Parents/Guardians should send an email to the registrar
Alice  (Please click the name to link or send an email to    v r a i 7 t r u e
with the information below by the registration deadline of  
Sunday, December 28, 2014.*Please note registration may close prior to the deadline if registration fills to capacity.  It is in your best interest not to wait until the last minute.*Registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received according to their time & date stamp on the email.*Registrations sent via the postal service to SETHSA will NOT be accepted or acknowledged.

CHILD INFO: Required for EACH child participating in your family
1-Name of Child (spelled according to how it is desired on the certificate of participation)
2-Birthdate of Child (month & year are needed for all participants; month, date, & year are needed for the older kids bee as per NG requirements****)
****Remember: If participating in the 4th – 8th grade bee, students cannot have turned 15 on or before Sept. 1, 2014.
3-Grade of Child (based on age, the grade the child would be in if enrolled in a traditional school; NOT ability level)


FAMILY INFO: Required ONE time per family
a-Name of Parent/Guardian
b-Preferred email address
c-Home phone number
d-Cell number (for use for urgent messaging only)
e-Home Address including zip code
f-(optional) Support group, if any. If you are in a support group, you may list it here.  It is not required, but it helps us make sure we are reaching all area groups.
-To be sure it is received properly, please put in the subject line of the email “Geo Bee registration”.
-Families with more than one child participant can send ONE email which includes the Child info on each child & the Family info once.

Once you’ve registered:-Within a week, you will receive a “got it” from us.
If you do not receive a “got it”, we didn’t get it.
-Next, you will receive a Confirmation of Registration
along with details for directions & other information no later than Jan. 4th.  You will need to confirm your child’s / children’s participation a week before the bee.
Please remember that the success of the bee is DEPENDENT on your PARTICIPATION, NOT on registration alone.
SETHSA covers the expenses for the Geo Bee, but we need you to show up the day of the bee & participate.  We realize family emergencies arise, but please contact the registrar as soon as you know your child will not participate.  Please do not bring sick children to the bee.Be sure to read over the ‘Answers to Your Questions About the SETHSA Geo Bees’. 
Contact our registrar,
Alice  (Please click the name to link or send an email to    v r a i 7 t r u e
*The registration with the National Geo Bee happened before the merger so this is being done under the SETHSA banner.

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